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Home Prep Checklist For Photography

          A clean and show worthy house will almost always sell quicker and for more money than a house that is not properly staged and ready for someone to see the home. It is particularly important that your home be looking its best for any photography that is taken to advertise it online or in print. These views will often be the first and possibly the only impression that a potential buyer or renter will see of the home. With so many homes on the market, a potential buyer will only remember the houses that stick out the most to them and it is important that your home be one of the homes that really stick out to the buyer to quickly sell your home.


General Cleaning


▢  Sweep, mop, and vacuum all floors.

If time permits, steam clean rugs and carpets.

▢  Wipe any dust off of all fan blades.

▢  Clean windows from the inside and outside.

▢  Clean windowsills of any dust and debris.

▢  Remove any dust or grime from window blinds. (Consider replacing any flimsy plastic blinds.) 

▢  Clear coffee tables, end tables, and nightstands of books, magazines, remote controls, and any

other clutter (a few magazines fanned out is fine).

▢  Remove personal items such as: photographs, books, magazines, personal decorations,

religious/political items, posters, remote controls, ect…

▢  Book shelves should be organized and all shelves wiped down. 

▢  Hide cords such as power cords, cable cords, and ethernet cords from view.

▢  Clean all sinks so that they are spotless.

▢  Make sure that all lightbulbs are working throughout the house, and are not mismatched (same

temperature lightbulbs in each individual room.

▢  Mixing light bulb temperatures makes it hard to get colors right in photos.

▢  Open blinds and curtains throughout the house to let in light.


Kitchen/Dining Area


▢  Remove kitchen appliances from countertops leaving at most one stainless 

steel appliance or kitchen aid appliance on your counter (extra large kitchens may have a second appliance, or decorative cook book on counters space.)

▢  Remove all photos and magnets from the fridge.

▢  Put away all dirty dishes.

▢  Clean sinks until they are spotless.

▢  Remove any towels and sponges along with any other cleaning materials.

▢  Remove any brooms or mops from sight.

▢  Set table and leave a vase with flowers or other centerpiece on the table.

▢  Remove trashcan from house (hide it in the garage).

▢  Remove any stars of paper such as bill, magazines, recipes to try, or mail.

▢  Check light bulbs.




▢  Make all beds nicely placing decorative pillows on if had.

▢  Clear all items off of nightstands except for a lamp and alarm clock.

▢  Clean any mirrors in the bedroom.

▢  Put away any jewelry left sitting on any dressers or anywhere else.

▢  Check light bulbs.




▢ Put away any soaps, shampoos, back scrubbers, and wash rags.

▢ If towels are left, please make sure they are clean and nicely folded.

▢ Put away tooth brushes, combs, razors, makeup, ect.

▢ Clean sinks, shower, and bath floors/walls.

▢ Remove rugs from bathroom.

▢ Clean windows and mirrors. 

▢ Check light bulbs




▢  Do any yard work 2-3 days before the shoot/scan is scheduled. 

▢  Clean up any animal waste.

▢  Clean out gutters.

▢  Remove any limbs and branches from roof.

▢  Remove or place in shed any lawn tools.

▢  Put away garden hoses and sprinkler heads that don't automatically hide themselves.

▢  Put away bikes, and any other toys outside.

▢  If fan blades droop on outside fans, replace the blades (droopy blades look REALLY bad).